Loglob Cargo


LOGLOB CARGO sp. z o.o. offers training for clients and partners. Our team of experts has experience and knowledge of maritime transportation, international regulations, contracts, insurance, documents and many other relevant aspects.

The aim of the training is to provide participants with the knowledge needed for effective organization and help to solve problems and coordinating sea shipments.

If you are interested in using the training, please contact:

Aleksandra Bańkowska

Business Development and Logistics Director

  1. A multi-dimensional journey through activities and tasks — Entities involved in maritime transport
  2. What it means and how it is affected — Cargo and packaging — LCL/FCL containers
  3. Chain of events and chain of associations — Stages of transport in import/export
  4. Analogue or digital — New trends, phenomenon and principles of operation of entities in maritime transport
  5. ETA TEU OT CAF FEU — Terminology, abbreviations and definitions in maritime transport
  6. Who to “forward” it to? — Documentation in sea transportation
  7. Who pays, when and for what? — Breakdown of costs, risk and liability according to INCOTERMS
  8. From inquiry to execution — Offer, Order, Invoice
  9. By yourself, directly or seconded? — The role of forwarding in sea transport

„Working in the TSL ( Transport, Shipping and Logistics) sector since 1998, I’ve shared my knowledge with others with passion and commitment, building and developing forwarding companies. As one of the first people in the industry, I developed an original training program in the field of sea and container transport, addressed to various groups of recipients; logistics employees, management staff, sales representatives, forwarders.

I lectured at the Maritime University of Gdynia. During my second studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, in my diploma thesis, I successfully implemented the design method, presenting the entire import process with its complex elements and nomenclature among preschool children. Therefore, I enthusiastically encourage you to take advantage of our offer and participate in the course. My unique program will allow you to explore the secrets of sea transportation in an interesting way and gain valuable knowledge that will certainly contribute to broadening the horizons of logistics process management”.

Aleksandra Bańkowska